D.I.Y Wedding Signage

pic credit to: "The Wedding Chicks"

yeahza..i'm back again, n this time nak citer pasal my latest project which is to siapkan signage for my wedding reception nnt :) wee~~ berkat idea dari blog hopping, myself pun decided tuk transform the signage from website "The Wedding Chick" and adapt ikut my taste :) thanks a lot to the website, muahx muahx..from the website, they all ada sediakan an application to auto create the signage for the photo booth location, and below is the one that i have created for me :)

but sad to says, i don't have any photo booth, ahahhaha~ photo booth beserta guestbook nyer corner will cost me about RM1300 and higher, so, since i dont have any budget on that, maybe akan buat guestbook corner jer kort..but sporting ke those guest tuk isi the book? coz from previous experience, out of 10, only 2 or will fill up the book, unless we assign somebody to handle the guestbook and tarik orang tuk sign it up, wahhahahahaha ^_^ giler kijam kan?

jadi, from the above signage, i have transform my future to be used signage ke below, but below are some rough idea jer la dari main2 conteng2 kat photoshop, kui kui

but then, bila ask my mum n dad, dorang kata tu tak nampak formal sgt, n a bit childish, so i transform then again to below, and this one kira dah kompem ok la since both of my parents dah bagi green light, hehe :D

but if tetiba datang ilham lain tuk buat signage, maybe akan ditukar la, but for now, this one dulu k :D

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Bilah Izzah berkata...

wahhh....cantiknye...I like!! Like sangat2..chumel...pink kaler lagi...^^

tomato_masam berkata...

hehe, nnt theme wedding kter pink, tu buat sumer jadi pink, ngee ^.^